1 too concerned or worried about small, usually unimportant details, and difficult to please: Leonora was fussy about her looks. | fussy eater (=someone who dislikes many types of food)
—compare fastidious
2 not be fussy spoken used when you do not mind what decision is made, where you go etc: “Do you want to go out or just rent a movie?” “I'm not fussy.”
(+ who/what/how etc): Geese are not fussy whose grass they eat.
3 fussy clothes, objects, buildings etc are too detailed and decorated: The furniture looked comfortable, nothing fussy or too elaborate.
4 with small, exact, and careful actions, sometimes showing nervousness: She patted her hair with small fussy movements.
— fussily adverb — fussiness noun (U)

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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